Disassembling Products from a complex assembly and creating another assembly

In this assembly, the trolley with boxes filled with different types of products should be created in one node and a half pallet should be created in another node. The pallet and 4 boxes filled with products should arrive to the “Combine” node and the boxes should be placed on the pallet and transported out.

For some reason, I can’t seem to get this to work. I am using transportPatternIn to combine the pallet with the boxes. Can someone help me figure out what I am missing? Why is the get assembly and transport out not working in this case?
I do not like to use "From assembly instance " as this is restrictive of either the last or first step.

Test.vcmx (3.4 MB)

Thanks in advance…


Would you like to create a trolley filled with KLTs?
Then you should probably define default-producttypes in the assembly steps (in german it is standardProduktTyp). You can create this assembly with a create statement.

If your four boxes are KLTs product type on the half pallet, then you need to accept the right parts in the TransportPatternIn statement?

attached the changed model
Test(1).vcmx (3.4 MB)

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Sorry. I have deleted more than I needed to from the file due to company confidentiality which made it useless to work with.
This is the file with all the products and trolley and KLTs and also products inside KLTs.
The KLTs needs to get separated from the trolley along with the products inside it.

And thanks a ton for taking the time to help.
Test.vcmx (6.3 MB)

I think your full KLTs should be own assemblies, like this:

in the trolley assembly you can set this full KLTs as default product types:

accept the full KLT as product type in TransportPatternIn statement:

this should work :wink:

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Thank you so so much again!!! :hugs:

This also means that we cannot pick just about any step and its children from assemblies to send them to next step as sub assembly products of the original assembly. I wonder how this could affect us if the assemblies were even more complicated. That will need very careful planning on how to design assemblies.

I wish you a very pleasant day!

When it comes to the creation of this trolley assembly itself, since it is composed of assemblies in iteself, how do I make a human place 6 KLT green boxes on this trolley and then start filling each box with reel products one by one and all 18 reels in each box at once?

I tried creating an empty product of box and reels subassembly using construct statement to create it and then import that to the main trolley assembly and then start importing boxes and products. It didn’t work. I tried TransportingIn boxes to the assembly inside the trolley. It didn’t help.

Not sure how to approach this and how everyone else would approach such a situation.

Any help would be appreciated. If you can show it in the file, it would be even more helpful although you can also just give me any hint.

Thank you