Digital Clock


The inbuild “DigitalClock.vcmx” component is nice to have in your simulations for when exporting .AVI files. However the digital clock starts at the same time, when the simulations starts.

Is there a way to “trigger start of Digital Clock” by some properties, or would it include some Python editing of the component?

Because, what I want is to show the exact cycletime in the simulation. I am using the Timers, that the robot has, but that is only printed in the Console. That is not part of the .AVI export video.

So any idea on how to show the cycle time in the .AVI file, with e.g. the “Digital Clock” component, but with the command to decide when the “Digital Clock” component should start running.


Send true signal to set start time.
Send false signal to freeze timer.

Timers_CycleTime.vcmx (805.9 KB)


Thanks @chungmin. That worked perfectly! :pray:

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