Different Processing Time for each Part on same Machine

I have 3 different Parts which are the Flywheel, Spline Gear Wheel, and Forklift Assembly. These 3 parts will be going through the Lathe Machine and each will have a different Processing Time. I would like the machine to recognize the part it is working on and adjust its Processing Time accordingly.

I made a Product Feeder and used the batch feed method to feed the parts. How do I have the lathe machine change the Process Time with respect to the Part it is working on?

For Example, Processing Time for Flywheel is 10minutes, Processing Time for Spline Gear Wheel is 5minutes, and Processing Time for Forklift Assembly is 20mins.

Edit the process in the machine. There should be a delay statement which takes an expression for the amount of time to wait.
The expression can be e.g. ProductIn.MachiningTime where “MachiningTime” is a numerical product property you have defined in the Product type editor.

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