DeviceNet missing in Simulation to Server Objects tree

I am trying to connect Visual Components 4,2 model and Codesys V3 through remote OC UA server. To create the connection I have been following this link :

I have established all the coonections successfully according to that tutorial but at Visual Components Simulation to Server variables I am not getting DeviceSet in Objects tree like the tutorial. Am I missing anything?

Di you add and configure a “Symbol Configuration” object into your PLC project in Codesys?

  • Add the symbol configuration object
  • Build
  • Add your PLC variables to the symbol configuration
  • Enable OPC UA features in that symbol configuration’s settings
  • Build and download to controller

Yes I did symbol configuration and all other necessary steps, but in PLC I have been facing some issues like after connecting with the device application strarts but after few seconds application stops automatically. DeviceNet is not being shown because of that issue? Here I attached the images of PLC application issue

I don’t know then. It sounds like a issue on the Codesys side / project and not in VC at all.
You can try if UAExpert can see those variables. If yes, then its some kind of incompatibility issue with VC.

UAExpert is a OPC UA client that is available for free, but you need to register first.