Detectionsensor with any kind of Shape

Hi guys, i want to simulate a Sensor for my robot. this sensor is from Renishaw and this sensor is for detecting surfaces and edges. The sensor has a sphere and i want to get a signal, every time this sphere collide with any geometrie. Our idea was to get a volumesensor with any kind of shape. Is this possible, because now we made a cube insinde the shpere to detect collisions, but this is little exactly to the reale Volume of the shpere. Thank you for your help.:slight_smile:

You could possibly use the collision detectors for this, but those are layout-level objects instead of component behaviors and will be relatively slow.

You could maybe also approximate the sphere using raycast sensors, but those are also not that fast to simulate.

thanks, but these ideas could not be my solution. i tried it.

I tested this with a collision detector, and I think it works well. There is a probe with a sphere at the end, and when the sphere collides with any geometry, it will activate a signal.

See the example below.
ProbeTest.vcmx (988.7 KB)

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