Detection of physical components without path behaviour

Hey guys,

I want to simulate an axis on which a sledge with a weight on top can be moved from the left to the right. Therefore, I linked the sledge to a servo drive and added a physical behaviour which I set to “kinematic”. The weight on top of the sledge is fixed with a physic joint and set to “in physics”, as I want to check how much the component will be moved from the fixing point when the direction is changed. Additionally I wanted to add some sensors which are detecting the “in physics” defined weight when is crossing it, which does not work.

My questions are now:

Is it possible to use a sensor to detect components which are NOT moving on a defined path like the TwoWayPath, OneWayPath or PhysicalPath, but which are moved with a ServoDrive ?

Furthermore it would be nice to know if objects which are defined as “inPhysics” are able to be detected by Sensors if they are falling down and crossing these ?

I hope you can understand my explanation and the questions

kind regards,


I don’t think I am fully picturing your scenario, but have you looked at the raycast and volume sensors? I don’t believe that they require the component to be attached to a path.

If that doesn’t work, a script that checks the position matrix of the sledge on short intervals might be a solution. If the sledge is moving in, i.e. the yz plane, then just check the X position.