Detach object from component container

Hi guys,

I’m trying to model a stack creator but I’m not being able to modify the position of each component to create the stack.

My first idea was to move the components keeping them into the component container, attaching them to the first component of the stack but I haven’t been able to do this as they don’t move from the node of the component container.

Even if I have attached the components to the node they keep attached the component container and they don’t move.

I think I have not understood the basics of simulation hierarchy and I’m not on the right track.

Thanks in advance!

StackCreatorTest.vcmx (12.6 KB)

from vcScript import *
import vcMatrix

sim = getSimulation()
app = getApplication()
comp = getComponent()

products = {'Block':'vcid:b3932aed-c4b9-4895-a94e-5340a2d994e0'}
def OnRun():
  global products
  creator = comp.findBehaviour('StackCreator')
  container = comp.findBehaviour('StackContainer')
  n_block = comp.getProperty('N_Comp').Value

  n_b = 0
  while n_b < n_block:
    #Create part
    creator.Part = products['Block']
    part = creator.create()
    if part:
      print "Part %i created" %n_b
  first_part = True
  for part in container.Components:
    if first_part:
      pm = part.WorldPositionMatrix
      release_node = part
      # release_node = sim.World      
      first_part = False
    part.PositionMatrix = pm