Destination Transport Node Problem

Hi, I’m having a problem about destination in my process. Any help would be appreciated.

I attached the pics regarding to problem.

I want to send a product from Process #1 to Sink17. Then to Sink18 to remove from 3D world.
My product which is “75tava” in this case arrives in Sink17 but isn’t transported to sink18.

In the sink17 TransportOut statement, if i select “to next process” it doesnt move even though there is link and implementer. If i select “to transport node” then select Sink18, it transfers to product to sink 18 but I can’t remove or transfer it to somewhere else after this. It collects nonstop.

The Destination in your TransportOut needs to match the Source in your TransportIn : Destination and Source | Visual Components Academy

However the problem could also come from your flow : if you have several product types with different flows, you might want to split them into different flow groups, so that the products don’t “get lost” in the flow.