Depalletizing Issue

Wondering if anyone would be able to help me, I have set up assemblies and sub-assemblies using human controllers. I have successfully got a palletizing operation working however, I can not seem to figure out how to depalletizes the operation without the operator lifting the pallet and boxes altogether as one.

The attached images show the process node logic, product type, and flow group setup for the assembly.
Use GetAssy (Assy Instance and last step with products) and TranspOut (2x) - 1st will depalletize boxes and the 2nd will move the pallet out.

Thank you for your response I tried this and nothing is happening, the simulation continues to run but the depalletizing station is stuck and doesn’t bring any error codes.

Most likely the flow is not set up correctly. Take a look at attached model.
DepallSample.vcmx (459.2 KB)

Thank you, yeah my flow was not 100% fixed now and its working.