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Hello, everyone, I generate objects through workprocess, the robot grabs the workpiece, how to delete it when the robot releases the workpiece, can you help provide an example?thank you

Hi @tompetthsfdshfhshshs

You can delete a component in a works process. So, if you release to a process. You can delete it there.

In the receiving process you can have WaitProductPlace or just a Need task and then remove component based on its ProdID e.g. “myprod1”:


thanks,but I want to delete the component through a Python script


app. deleteComponent(comp)

They all do the job i guess.

Thank you. I have another question. If I grab artifacts by script, how can I script them to be deleted

Its the same way.
But i didnt really get why you grab it, if you gonna delete it finally?
You dont have to grab components to delete them.
For example:

> def OnRun():
    comp = getComponent()
    path = comp.getBehaviour('Path__HIDE__')
    parts = path.Components
    for part in parts:

Create a python script in a conveyor. Copy paste this code to the python script and you ll see, after you run the simulation 20 sec later all comps gonna be deleted on conveyor.

Thank you, because I am using the robot output to grab the artifact, if the grab signal is FALSE, the artifact still exists, my purpose is to make the component disappear

  • Thank you very much for solving my problem
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