Defining gripping frame of product for robot transport

Hello everyone,
By default, the “pick” frame of a product is used for the robot’s approach position in a sequence group (after creation using the feeder). Is it also possible to specify a self-defined frame where the robot should pick up the created product?

Unfortunately, I have not found a property in which the frame can be set.

Thank you very much for your support,


The pick location can be defined with a frame feature in the product component named as “pick”,
features you can find in modelling tab.

Thank you for your answer.
I am aware that I can define the pick frame.
But suppose I have the frames pick, pick1, pick2 and I want the robot to pick the product at time t0 at pick, at time t1 at pick1 and at time t2 the product at pick2.
Is there a property to which I can assign the frame pick, pick1 or pick2 during the runtime?
I want to avoid constantly updating the frame named “pick”.