Defined time for pick and place of a robot

Hello all,

Probably this could be a basic question. In the figure above the robot has to pick and place apart from conveyor in 5 sec.
i.e., Robot should pick from P1 and drop at P1 in 5 sec.
Same for P2 to P3
There is speed control option in robot controller, but it has speeds and accelerations, how to make sure that robot picks from P1 and places at P3 in 5 sec?

Please help me with this.


To define precise transport times between processes, the easiest solution would probably be to use “Interpolating Transport” instead of a robot transport.

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Edit the robot program to signal at the beginning of the cycle and at the end of the cycle. Then you can calculate the exact cycle time and still use more realistic approach. The robot can send the signals to another component that does the magic.

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