Define Distance of object


How to define distance of object when it stop on conveyor?

@Este Do you have some reccomend to me regarding this?

I don’t fully understand what you are trying to do. The distance of an object on a conveyor typically depends on the conveyor speed and the feeding interval. What else are you looking to do?

You could play with SegmentSize -
“One Way Path - Defines the length and use of the path’s segments. For example, if the linear distance of the path is 1000 {mm}, a SegmentSize of 100 would form 10 segments and limit the movement of components to and from each segment. That is, one component per segment. A value of zero disables the use of segments”


For 30mm

For 120mm


Thank you!

Will try this one.

Hi again!

I have follow up question, I can now control second conveyor stop distances with SegmentSize but how can i control feeding interval of it? I can control feeding interval of my first conveyor by controlling Feeder Interval.

Appreciate if you cold give me some good sugesstion.

I have one more question, and if you’re able to, you could answer them together.

If I want the feeding interval to be exactly with the product distance (Segment Size), is there a simple way to achieve this? This would ensure that when the conveyor stops, all products stop simultaneously.