Data extraction method


I am a new user of Visual Components, I am just wondering if there is a way of extracting data directly from the Visual Components other than using OPC UA server.

Thanks in Advance.

What kind of data and do you need a live stream during simulation or just some kind of export?

I would like to have the time data for any defined process.
for example, in which time a robot stops and when it was doing a task and how long it has done that task.

I am not quite sure about export, probably it only gives Boolean signal, is that what you meant ?

With export I mean that data is maybe collected during simulation but then just e.g. written to a file when user presses a button.

For basic statistics you could use the statistics dashboard and its export to Excel or CSV function. You can configure it to collect values from any component properties.

For any more advanced use cases you’ll want to write a Python script or .NET plugin to collect, process and export your data. The Python and .NET APIs can be used to monitor almost anything in the simulation and then e.g. write to file or send out through a socket connection etc.

VC doesn’t really have universal concept of “tasks”, so for that kind of info you would probably need to have some cooperation from the robot program to e.g. set its statistics state, or modify the higher level control logic like the scripts in the Robot transport controller to collect such info.

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For data acquisition use case: is there any tutorial or what would be the starting point of writing Python script for collecting data?