Data Exporting from machine

I have a machine to which I’m assigning the input data like cycle time, downtime from csv file.

But want to export total output(throughput) from machine to csv file. so looking for the method to export.

thank you


See this video:

Otherwise, you can use a python script that exports something to a CSV file.


hello jobw,
I am a new user of Visual components, I want to export data from a model in visual components using python script.
Currently i created opcua server using PythonOPCUA library. I want to export the time series data of each flow group!

for example this simple model, for each flow group i want to the time series data of that!
any starting point can you suggest ?



What is exactly “time series data”? Can you elaborate a bit on your objective?


i meant convoluted time stamped data for the component which is being produced by the feeder during its flow of the process.(flow group)

well! thanks for the concern. The problem has been solved.