Cycle Time Signals


does anyone know if i can use cycle time, for my robot, that was programmed automaticlly, using work processes? My program editor looks like this.

I need it to find out how much time does it need, for one part in one cycle. Is there any other way to find that out?


Hello dlah,

does this tutorial work for you? What is different in your example that you cant execute that logic? Some more context would be great.



Tutorial I am refering to:


the problem is that, here in tutorial, they have all the movements of the robot set manually and combined together under specific subprogram. For example, when i choose my subprogram prepick333, i dont have any movements writen, because i didnt set them manually.

I will try to solve the problem, with statistic graphs, because i only need to get time from when the robot pick the part and utill it put the part down at the end.

Thanks, BR

I dont´t know what works best for you but here are some Ideas I had

  • try to set the statistics state directly in the process management/works process depending on what you are using
  • change the python code of the rob that the statistics state is changed on a certain signal you send to the rob
  • try to measure the start and end of the processes that are before and after the rob process

Are you using works process or process modelling?


i’m using work process. I will try the last option that you suggested. I think it should work for me.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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