Cycle Time Signals Sim Speed Issue


I have been having this strange issue when I run my sim any faster then 25x my cycle times will go crazy and go from 50 seconds at 10x to 400 seconds at 50x even though its doing the same process.
^ 40 Minutes at x50 speed

^40 Minutes at x10 speed

This is a very strange issue both me and my Coworker have this issue.

If anyone has insight or knowledge about what this could be please let me know.

Maybe this has something to do with the statistics interval (60s default, adjustable from the ribbon) and how that cycle time calculation is implemented.

How exactly are you getting that cycle time statistic, and from which components?

I am getting it from the Cycle Time (signals) component,

I’m using signals so when the robot sets a Output to True it starts and when it set it to false it stops