Cycle Time Calculator

Hey guys,

Is it possible to use a single cycle time calculator to measure all ports and list them seperately? Also, renaming the listed cycles would be great.

I want to measure multiple trajectories of a robot and dedicate only one cycle time calculator for that robot.

Hi Zero

We made an adaption of the existing Cycle Time Calculator.
This version calculates min/max/avg values individually for each port as well as the overall min/max/avg values. Hope this helps.

CycleTimeCalculatorAdvanced.vcmx (117.6 KB)

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Thank you @ProLean !
This sounds exactly like what i am looking for. However i couldn’t find how to activate that feature.
Can you point me to where i can activate the calculation of individual ports?
Mine only shows a single min/max/avg value set even though i connected multiple ports.

Ah yes I see, thought we implemented this feature.
Are you familiar with Python? You could change it to use the port number instead of the component’s name.

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I’m somewhat familiar with python, but I’m struggling with VC python API.

If you can show me an example, I would be very grateful!