Custom Robot

I have a solidworks file of a robot and i have added it to my VC. But how I can add robot properties to it?
I mean HoW can VC identify this object as a robot?

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What makes a fully functional robot component in VC is complicated but there is no “magic”. You can see and edit it all from the Modeling tab if you have VC Professional or higher.
To make a new robot model it is easiest to take existing robot model from eCat that has similar kinematic structure (e.g. SCARA, 6-axis articulated) and modify it to have correct mechanical properties and your own geometries.

Hello OmarTaher,

The components in VC are pretty much defined by three things: properties, Behaviours and Features.

Properties can be anything from Real type ComponentHeight to Boolean IsEnabled and more.
Features are the visible 3D models of the components. There are also some features that are not always visible, such as transforms and frames.

Behaviours are what create the functionalities for the components. For example a shelf might have a container behaviour, or a machine most likely has servo controller behaviour to move the joints.

Properties, behaviours and features can be created, modified and deleted in the Modeling tab, which is available in the Professional and Premium versions of the software. There is some great content in the Academy that will teach you how to model your own components in VC. One particularly useful tutorial for your use case is Modeling an articulated robot:

The same principles can be used for different robot types, and usually instead of trying to figure it out yourself it is better to look for examples from the existing components and then adapt those to your needs as TSy mentioned.