CUSTOM PATTERN for Palletization application

Could you please advice me about 1 specific topic?

How I could create a CUSTOM PATTERN for a Palletization application with a Robot ?
I mean I have used the feed - need pattern commands between the Robot and the output to make a standard pattern for Palletization, but there is no possibility for custom patterns (e.g. some parts per layer rotated 90degrees) but only the standard arrays.
Moreover, I have seen that there is a Custom Pattern command but I cannot figure out how it works.

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Sounds like you are still using the old Works component library.

See the custom pattern tasks in the reference guide:

The modern way would be to use process modeling and its assembly product types to define the patterns.


I want to make a custom palletization pattern. [ Its the classic bag 3 (horizontal) - 2 (vertical), 5 bags per layer ]

I inserted manually in custompattern - editor on Works Task control::notes. each layer with different
#ProdID, Tx, Ty, Tz, Rz, Ry, Rx. Manually I change the Tz for each layer

How can I make it more automatically, in order to handle different bag geometric characteristics for other case? For example, I think of having some parameters and change it every time, depending on each product dimensions.

I mean is

I mean, you could have some parameters like:

  • Dimensions of the product
  • Distances between products per layer


##ProdID, Tx, Ty, Tz, Rz, Ry, Rx.

L = 100
W = 200
H = 100



Could we have this configuration in order to automate the process of the custom pattern. I try to use python but I could not set a parameter value.