Custom machine frames

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I am currently working on a custom machine i modeled in cad. My problem is the process the machine is supposed to execute. The products i get from the transportIn process step just dont stick to the product frame i reserved for them. I want the products to be moved by the machine parts. The movements themself work just find on a dry run of the machine. But the products just stick to their initial positions as the machine parts move to the wished extend (and clip into the products). Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance!

I guess workpieces is not attached to the moving node, reason could be many, it would be easier to check with layout, you could delete the CAD, use a block or sphere to replace.

This is the layout right here.

VertikalTischProjekt.vcmx (892.5 KB)

Move ComponentContainer to Link1 or Link2, select TransportNode set ComponentContainer again, due to you changed ComponentContainer to different node, but it seems like your 2 workpiece belongs to different node? If it is, I think you might need create 2 TransportNode.

2 nodes

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Thank you very much! That solved it.

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