Custom conveyor

I tried to create a custom conveyor with a ProcessExecutor, but there always seemed to be some problem at the stop station, no matter how I adjusted the container coordinates.
On a conveyor, the product will flash.
On the other conveyor, the products overlap.
On the third conveyor, there was no problem with the “Process Node”. I found the python script for ‘Process Node’, but I couldn’t understandt how it solved the problem.
I need a ProcessExecutor at that station, so how can I make it perfect on a custom conveyor?

process_container.vcmx (101.9 KB)

Hi Liuliu_jin.
I checked your file and firstly to answer the question about the second conveyor belt, in its OneWayPathin and OneWayPathout I see that you have put their respective end and start points in one location, which is what causes them to overlap, especially since both OneWayPaths are containers and their rules are independent of each other. That is, when they overlap, the trailing component actually still follows the rules of the first OneWayPath, and in its consciousness there is no component in front of it, so it continues to move forward, and as it enters the output of the OneWayPath, it suddenly realises, “Oh my God, there’s a component in front of it!” So it moves on again. At that point it will stop immediately, but in fact they’ve collided and there’s the overlap that you see, and that’s where you can solve the problem by adjusting the path so that it’s the same as the first conveyor belt, or by simply using a conveyor belt.
Then there is the problem with the first conveyor, I’m not sure what your definition of flickering is, if you are talking about the phenomenon of a workpiece flickering during generation and then reappearing on the conveyor it is supposed to be on then this problem actually occurs on all three conveyors. The problem is caused by the feeders, specifically the product type VC_Cylinder, and when ProductCreator generates the VC_Cylinder, the first step is to generate the VC_Cylinder at a location that has the world coordinates of the component as its origin before it appears on the feeder path, which is how it generates the flickering that you are seeing. For example:

1)I place a cylinder at world coordinates of (0, 0, 100) and set it to a ComponentUri of product type with the name comp.
2)I place a feeder at world coordinates of (100,100,0) and set its generated target to comp.
At this point, play the simulation and you’ll see the whole thing: the ProductCreator for the feeder generates the comp at world coordinates (100,100,100) and then the comp reappears on the path, for example at (100,100,200), which you’ll notice when the frame rate drops.
To fix this, you can adjust the origin position of the product type (the position of the cylinder in the example, change it and select it as ComponentUri).
I hope I didn’t misunderstand you, you can always ask again, have a nice day!:melting_face:

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Thank you for your help!

After I added a python script, I think this problem has been solved.

In fact, my main purpose is to add a station with a ProcessExecutor on the conveyor. Recently I just started to learn the process module, and then happened to have an application in a conveyor, I need to complete some other work in this station with the ProcessExecutor.

Before this I created a conveyor, using “ Process Node” unit, but it also had some problems, where the robot picked up the products, the pallet would be overlap.

It is a nice day, when I was walking along the path alone and suddenly realized “Oh my God, there’s a friend in front of me!” My English is not very good, so I just want to thank you.have a nice day!

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process_container_ok.vcmx (71.7 KB)