Custom cartesian manipulator

Hello I am creating our Cartesian manipulator with 6 axis and the rotation axis 4,5,6 are shifted.

Now I am lost how to keep DOF at flange link.


Could you help me with this model?

Engel-Viper.vcmx (77.6 KB)

Limits for axis 1,2,3

Limit for axis 1,2,3

Limits for axis 4,5,6

Limits for axis 4 ,5 ,6


Hello. Anyone have some idea?


Are you using Cartesian kinematics or Python kinematics?

I think Cartesian kinematics is possible when rotation axis 5,6,7 are in one point.

I tried Python kinematics from this post with some modification , but it not worked.

Hello after some time.

Anyone have idea how to solve it?


I have similar issue with custom cartesian design and I would appreciate if somebody help me to define TCP in z axis. Somehow it defined in strange locations and I could not find out how to put it in to the proper position .

I need an telescopic z axis if its not static axis the model doesn’t work