Crossing Routes AGV Avoidance

Hello together,

in my model I have different AGV’s. The routes of the AGV cross each other. How can I do it, that they don`t touch each other?

Thanks for your help in advance.



Are You using Works library and AGVs / Mobile Robots in that library or are You using Your own solution?.

In case of Works library, make sure that your resource component has Optimization>Avoidance and Optimization>Pathfinding enabled. You also need Path network done with Works Pathfinding components and Works Resource Pathfinder component. (“AGV MiR100 Logistics Layout” in eCat is using this mechanism)

Above is a link to documentation how this library / feature works.


If You have Your own implementation, You may need to script the avoidance solution by yourself. Different Mobile Robot manufacturers have different algoritms and sensor solutions for this, but for more generic one, You can use python script to detect where other AGVs are and react to that (e.g. by stopping and waiting until path is clear).

Hope this helps.