Crossing Conveyor VS Turntable Conveyor

We have found that If we use Crossing Conveyor, the product will disappear if the production system gets clogged, however, if we use Turntable Conveyor, the product will not disappear if the production system gets clogged, so what should I do if I want to use Crossing Conveyor and the product does not disappear?Crossing Conveyor VS Turntable Conveyor.vcmx (622.8 KB)

Hi tangtang,

The python code for the crossing conveyor was not quite as smart as it was for the turntable conveyor. I opened both scripts and modified the crossing conveyor to handle capacity as the turntable does. Now there should not be any components disappearing.

Here’s the modified crossing conveyor. Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:
TwoWayCrossingConveyor_new.vcmx (379.4 KB)


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Thank you very much!

Can you tell me which scripts you’ve changed? Thank you,please!

I modified the crossing conveyor PythonScript around line ~250.
You could add timeouts and other logic there to change how the conveyor behaves.

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Thank you very much!Thank you very much!