Crossing Conveyor possibilities?

What would be the most elegant way to solve the following problem?
I have an upper and lower line, the upper one runs into a buffer and the lower one runs straight out. When the buffer is full, I would like station 2 to feed into station 3.
Currently I do it by interpolating transport.
Is it also possible to do this with a crossing conveyor?

Thank you very much
Test Crossing lines.vcmx (457.7 KB)

Maybe try to use the Capacity routing rule and design your PM flow such that you have same processes on both lines.

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oh I may have expressed myself incorrectly.
in terms of the process etc. everything works, I meant more in terms of design. as the plate currently only flies from line 1 to 2. did you think you could solve this with a crossong conveyor?

Make sure your Buffer is above Station3


Priority.vcmx (260.2 KB)

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thank you very much, but the process flow works for me :slight_smile:
it’s more about the layout i would like to have a rotated conveyor between station 2 and 3 is this possible? since the parts are currently flying at this point, which is actually not possible in reality

Crossing conveyor + capacity rule + buffer conveyor capacity == 1

Priority - Crossing conveyor

Priority - Crossing conveyor.vcmx (662.7 KB)

Yes, I know, my flow works too.
but i mean the design, in your example the conveyor at the bottom goes down, but i would need it to the right :smiley:

many thanks

I used curve conveyor for the lastest example, you could use curve conveyor or another crossing conveyor to make a turn.

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thank you very much, that was exactly my question, whether it is also possible without curve conveyor or corssing coonveyor. but i think then that will be the only way to get the shifting done

Ah, forget to mention, there is another choice.

Problem solved, I could have thought of it much earlier :smiley: