Cross conveyor routing rule based on product properties

Hi all,

I’m trying to model a crossing conveyor of which this is a simplified model:

Cross conveyor simplified.vcmx (238.6 KB)

I would like to feed different parts which are then routed based on their product properties (‘PartRequired’):
So when the integer ‘PartRequired’ is for example 1 or 5 it should move to the right and in all other situations move forward. I tried to apply this as a integer routing rule:

However, this does not work while VC does not give any errors in the output panel:

Does anyone know how to correctly apply a routing rule based on product properties?

The routing rule works with the component properties (you can drag and drop your properties in it instead of creating them again) :

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Routing rules don’t support product properties. I would recommend to use transport solution rule (send to transport node) or writing custom routing rule script with Python.

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Thank you both! It works now :slight_smile: