We are trying to model a game called Connect4 on visual components.

The part we are concerned about now is the grippers ability to open,close and grip a disc in the disc holder.

We modeled a gripper taken from grabcad and through interact it can be opened and closed. However since it is not in the library connecting the signals to the UR and thus making the gripper grip the disc becomes a bit tricky. The grips do not close on their own with signalling.

At the end the robot should be able to grasp the disc and move upward but we couldn’t do it.

We attached the visual component file and we would be really grateful if anyone could tell where we are wrong.

Thanks in advance.

connectsignal.vcmx (1.7 MB)

Hi. I had a quick look and I found two things.
In the gripper python script
servo = comp.findBehaviour(“Servo Controller”)
There is no space in the servo controller name.
therefore I changed it to
servo = comp.findBehaviour(“ServoController”)
Then on the servo controller itself there was no joints in the list
So I added a joint.
With these changes the simulation runs without errors and the robot does pick up the piece.
However, the gripper still does not close.