Creating Produkts out of an CSV -File

I have a Question.
I have the Feeder Process with the behavior “Product Creator”. How can I use a csv-file to create batches of products? It would be possible with the behavior " Component Creator" but then I cant use the Components in Process modeling.

In the csv file i have for example:
Product, number of Products
ProductA, 9000
ProductB, 1200

The Product Creator schould now create first 9000 peaces of productA and then 1200 of productB.

I know there is a table in the properties, but i dont want to type it in by hand and i cant find this properties in the csv-file.

Can anyone help me with my problem?

You’ll need to read such csv file using Python and then configure the vcProductCreator.BatchFeed object accordingly.

It is of type vcProductCreatorBatchMode and has API to add and remove batches.

After that set vcProductCreator.FeedMode = VC_BATCH_FEED_MODE


Thank you for the quick answer. This works now, but now i have an other question.
There are tow events:
The “OnBatchesChanged” event should be triggered when the batches changed, but nothing happens. What can i do that this will work.

And the other event “OnProductCreated” should be triggered when a product was created. But what parameters i need for that event. Were can I get the vcProduct.