Creating Folders or Sub Folders In Sub Cell Graph


  1. I want to know how to create folders in the cell graph as i shown in the image instead of default folders can i create a new one.
  2. While using path statement in robot programming how to make weld gun to pass throughout the path with same angle or with same inclination which we given to first point.

Thank you


each Folder is a Category-Property from the components in your Layout!


Ok thanks for that but how to create another folder
while creating a layout if we want to give sub stations or sub folders how we can create it


Like @captain_feature mentioned, the folders are based on the Category property of each component.
It is currently not possible to create new folders or to have nested folders in the cell graph.

One option you have is to implement some naming convention for your components. For example, you could set the category to be:


Category can be changed so you can create “Line A” folder just by selecting components that belong there and set Category to value “Line A” like shown in the attached video. You do lose some information about components types (Conveyors, Robots) on Cell Graph if you override Category values but it shouldn’t effect functionality of the simulation in any way.



thanks for the video that is what I am looking for