Creating an and gate in Process executor

Im very much new to visual components and havent found any helpfull topics that would explain how i could correctly read an input from a sensor, this is my current setup.

Ive managed to read the sensors but the reading from them stays TRUE instead of going back to FALSE when there is nothing infront of them.

If anyone could help out that would be greatly appreciated.

As to explain the project, im trying to create an AND gate but because the values stay TRUE its always sending a positive signal out.
layout.vcmx (62.8 KB)

Please attach the layout or at least show how your WaitSignal statements are set up.

Also your process might loop immediately back from line 7 to line 5.

Hi, i just attached the layout. The process does not jump from line 7 to 5 since the sensors are magically set to false after the box passes the second sensor. Iā€™m not quite sure why that happens either.

Also here are my wait signal statements as well.

Fixed it for you :slight_smile:
process signal AND logic.vcmx (301.1 KB)

The issue was that you are first waiting for one signal to be True and then start waiting for another signal to be True. When the second signal becomes True the first one no longer is True.
To just copy the current value of the signal to a variable you need to leave the Condition expression blank.

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TSy you are a legend! Thank you so much!!!

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