Creating a tower crane

Hello, i’m new to modeling and I’ve run into a problem…
I made a 3d model of a tower crane, but I can’t figure out what behavior and properties to give it to add it as a new component…

Maybe someone knows how to do this and can help?
I would really appreciate any help!

Tower crane.vcmx (3.4 MB)

Ummm, what is your question specifically? I’m sorry that I didn’t understand it. If you just need to make a component callable in the library, you only need to save the component in the MODELING module. :joy:

Hello everyone

I managed to make the crane move in the process!
It does not perform all tasks correctly yet, I’m afraid that further actions need to be performed in the python script… if anyone has any more thoughts, I will be glad of any help!!
Tower crane new.vcmx (3.4 MB)

No, I can save the model as a component

The question is to set the necessary properties and behaviors of the model so that it works as a component

Do you want to do something like robot teaching?

I don’t know how…

No problem, let’s see what we can do, just need to make sure what is your need, do you have YouTube link or something to show your need?

Something like this?

There is no link…
I can try to describe it in more detail:
I need the crane to take the parts and transfer them from point A to point B
And so that it can be added to the process

I see, I think it might need inverse kinematics, then PM will use it as robot, this model is cool, will figure it out how to make it work.

Thank you very much!
I keep trying too

You mean something like this ?

Tower crane

Get your lunch by tower crane, use HeightSet to adjust height.

Tower Crane.vcmx (8.1 MB)


This is exactly what I need

Thank you very much! Made very cool!

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