Creating a pattern

I am trying to create a system where 4 pallets are grouped together with a 5mm difference between the pallets and then sent through the system as a group of 4. I have tried this with the works library however this causes issues with the interaction with the process modelling components downstream.
I have tried to work get the transportpatternin function (similar to the works library statement) however i have not been able to get it to interact with the products produced by a feeder.

have you tried it with an assembly in process modeling? you will find good instructions for assemblies like the basics:

in your case with transportPatternIn:

do not use the feeder with transportInPattern statemwnt, but use a process node downstream
with transportIn and then three more pallets via transportPatterIn statement
Then use the attach statement…

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Hi Anhu,
So the process node would be something like

Transport in
Transportpatternin 3
transport out

Is that the approximate correct order?

I have tired this but the pallets wont stop on the node. Do I need a transport controller even when I am not using a robot or a manual interaction?

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did you specify in your TransportIn statement that the source is a Component Container? That way it knows something comes from the conveyor, and not from another Process