Creating a custom property window for commands

I would like to know how to set up a custom window that allows user to select parameters to execute a user-defined command. This would be similar to how the Home>Tools>“Snap” command brings up a docked window called “Component Snap” and provides various choices to the user before snapping to a target point.

Python commands can only have basic editable properties. With the .NET API you can make such richer UIs but it isn’t that simple.

@TSy Thanks for the response. I stumbled on creating Modal dialog window using vcHelpers.Application. While this satisfies most of what I was looking for, it does not seem to provide me info on how to:

  1. Provide a name of the title
  2. Provide a name to the dialog (appears at the bottom as a tab)
  3. Provide a mechanism to select a “folder” rather than a file (this is needed to define the export location for my command

Non-modal dialog seems to be capable of 1 and 2 but I cannot define constraints like step/limits to the data entered.

Either accept the limitations of make it as .NET plugin instead.