Created Component not listed in Container


when my roboter puts a component into the machine it’s not listed in the Container. (Container.Components)
And after the Process a new component is created and it also appears there but is not in Container.
The transitionsignal works so it does come in but using the above property doesn’t work.
I also have used simulation.update(). Didn’t work either.


It’s not seen into container because it’s attached to parent component as robot uses detection container .
Have you checked this?

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I had the similar problem before you might use related events in vcComponent ( I don’t remember teh exact name but it must be on node config change or sth similar)

Thanks I solved the problem. Robot detection is not always good, but if I put container in parent node at first place the component is put in there or if I specifically name the container it works too. I now place the component directly into the container and not the machine.

Thanks again for the tip