Create just One Product by the Process Node

Hello, I created the instruction “Create” in a Process Node. I just want to create one product instead of the Process Node keep producing again and again. How can I do it? Thanks you.

You could use variable and if-else logic to prevent the create command from running more than once.

Alternatively, a simple solution is to use the Halt command to stop the routine. Just be sure to uncheck the HaltSimulation option.

Example simulation:
test1.vcmx (170.1 KB)

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Hi Este, I tried that, but there are instructions between that need to be continued. I wondered if there was an option, as in the Feeder, to indicate the number of products that it must create.

In this case, you can add a counter variable and if-else logic to prevent creating more than one part.
test2.vcmx (170.9 KB)

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Okey, thanks you so much.

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