Create a 3D model from a .dxf file

I need to spawn some parts in a conveyor from a python script. We started to create some boxes but we need specific shape that are defined by a .dxf.
For that I have done something like this :

  compBox = _app.load(url)
  compBox.Name = 'Box Part'
  root = compBox.RootFeature
  kids = root.Children
  kids[0].Name = 'Outline'
  featGeometry = root.createFeature(VC_EXTRUDE,'MyPart') 
  featGeometry.Length = '16'

I also add the Physic : VC_PHYSICS_INPHYSICS and the PhysicsCollider : VC_PHYSICSCOLLIDER_PRECISE.

This solution works when the parts don’t need to move. From the moment I need to route my conveyor, I have an “Unhandled exception” :

Unhandled exception occurred:EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (code: 0xC0000005)
0# 0x00007FFA8683EA09 in VisualComponents_Revolution
1# 0x00007FFA913D76AE
2# 0x00007FFA913D6B7F
3# DllCanUnloadNowInternal in clr
4# 0x00007FFA913D6A4E
5# DllCanUnloadNowInternal in clr
6# enableCppUnhandledExceptionDispatcher in VisualComponents_Revolution
7# _chkstk in ntdll
8# RtlFindCharInUnicodeString in ntdll
9# KiUserExceptionDispatcher in ntdll
10# rPhysicsPath::AddToPosition in Revolution
11# rSimMovementEvent::MoveToFunctionality in Revolution
12# rPhysicsPath::ProcessEvent in Revolution
13# rSimEvent::Process in Revolution
14# rSimEngine::Simulate in Revolution
15# rSimulation::SimulateInternal in Revolution
16# rSimulation::Simulate in Revolution
17# 0x00007FFA90EB5F4D
18# 0x00007FFA90EB5E7F
19# 0x00007FFA90EB594F …

Is there a better way to load a .dxf and create it in 3D ?
Or do you know how to resolve this type of unhandled exception ?