Crane turns workpiece on one side

Hello I hope someone here can explain this topic to me, unfortunately I have not found anything in the help.

I have 2 flowtrough racks above and below which are both controlled by a crane in between.
With the upper one everything runs as desired, but with the lower one my workpiece is rotated every time.

I have already tried to adjust everything with FlowInResource and FlowOutResource and also with the product orientation, but I never get it set at the same time on one side it is always rotated.

What could be the reason for this?

Thank you very much for your eager help :slight_smile:

TEST ROTATION.vcmx (290.2 KB)


product must be rotated 180° from one side, compare how the product are oriented on the left side and how products are oriented on the right side

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Thanks for the quick reply.
Yes, that’s what I thought, but where can I set this explicitly for a side?

If I change the origin or the origin frame of the product, this always affects both sides, as both sides are in the same flow group.

One possibility would be to make different flow groups and then change the origin frame for each.

However, I would prefer to have both sides in one.

Thank you very much

Can you help me? thanks :slight_smile: