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what is the main difference between process modeling and works library?
when do i use each?

Hi OmarTaher,

Process modeling and works library are both tools that we have made to make building layouts faster and easier. The main differences are that the works library is made entirely with python scripts, while the process modeling functionality is mostly integrated in the application code. This makes process modeling computationally much faster.

I would say that the second difference is that works has been around for quite a few years, while the process modeling has been around for around half a year. This means that that the works library still has some functionalities that we have not had the time to implement in PM. This also means that in order to use process modeling, you must be using Visual Components 4.2 or newer, while you can use works in older versions of the software.

As to when you should use each of the libraries, I recommend that you use process modeling whenever possible, because it is much faster, and that is where the new development is heading. If you come across something that you are not able to do in process modeling, I recommend that you contact the VC support team so that they can give you a recommendation on how to proceed.

I would only recommend using works if you are already familiar with the works library, you are using a version that is older than 4.2 or if you find some tutorial or instructions on how to achieve what you are looking to do easily with works.

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Hello @Este,
Hi Este,

Your reply is much appreciated. But how come PM is easier when we have to code in it? On the other hand, works is just dragging and dropping tools and choosing tasks for them?

Am i getting it right?

Another question i wanted to enquire about is whether i can access the mechanical design specs of a robot in VC?

Thanks in advance.

The basics of PM should not require programming. Of course you can add your own commands if you want to, but most of the time this should not be necessary. If you haven’t seen it already, you can check out this video in Academy that showcases the main differences:

What kind of specs do you mean for the robots? You can visualize the workspace and envelope, but if you need more detailed information you will need to search the manufacturers website for the technical documentation.