Conveyor with speed variations with physical path?

temp.vcmx (219.9 KB)
I’ve made the system in the file. The idea is to controll the speeds of the 2nc conveyor. (first after the ramp)

In the python script, de speed variation is coded. Conveyor #2 only seems use the physical speed of the physical path. I see the speed of “MainPath” changing …

Also the sensor is nog working. I have the idea this al has to do with the difference between the two path types?

Any suggestions here?


You are right it’s because of those two path types. Since you are using physics and putting those components onto the physics path the speed of the other path doesn’t matter. You need to change the speed of the physics path.

Unfortunatetly the physics path doesn’t have an acceleration property so you would have to either calculate it yourself or maybe define the PathAcceleration property of the created component itself but I am not sure if it works since I haven’t tested it

For the physics path you would use the raycast or volume sensor. If you have issues detecting components I would create a new component specifically for the sensor.

Ok thnx Barismungan

Can you please elaborate on the following:

I had a component that used physics path which should start the path once a product was sensed at the beginning and stop once it sensed it at the end. I used the raycast behaviour in that component but it detected the product randomly. Sometimes it did sometimes it did not.
So I created a new component with a raycast behaviour (sensor component), put it at the place I wanted it to be and connected the signal of the sensor component with a signal of the component with the physics path. This worked perfectly for some reason.