Conveyor with Sections

Hi. I need to simulate the flow in a conveyor of this type:


I can’t manage to find anything similar in the eCatalog. Could anyone help me here?

What do you mean, is this a slope conveyor belt? I remember there is such a model in the library, you can check the Incline / Decline component in eCatalog.

What I need is a conveyor with seperations, it doesn’t need to be inclined.

There goes another example:

I can’t find this type on the eCatalog. Thanks for helping.

As far as I know, there should be no such thing, but this structure can also be produced through modeling and Python scripts.
I don’t know if you can use VC’s Python. In my opinion, the production of this component is composed of a conveyor belt and several pieces. I will use Python to let the conveyor belt’s Path grab these pieces. Then, I will use rays. The sensor (or volume) creates a signal for the chip to trigger the grabbing part. Usually I don’t make too many chips at once. I make one and then clone multiple ones and offset them where they should go. .
This is my opinion, I hope it can help you to some extent. :melting_face:

I don’t think I will manage to do that. Thank you a lot for the help anyway.


Does Carrier Indexing Conveyor fit your needs (from advanced motion)?

You can check the metadata on how it works


I don’t have the advanced motion folder, I will look for it and try it. Thanks for helping Lefa!

I got the VC 4.5 version, do you know if it’s possible on this one?


I believe the component is old enough to be in 4.5, and it used to be in some other folder back then. Could you try the search option within the eCat?


Hi. I found it and it works, thank you!