Conveyor product accumulation help

I am trying to setup a routine to pick these rolls from a conveyor, but I can’t seem to get the products to stop/accumulate properly. I created two basic shapes to create the roll and attached them together. I then have 9 feeders create the products and transfer them to a common conveyor to be picked. As you can hopefully see in the screenshot below, the rolls pass through the stop (and do stop), but then get all bunched up on each other.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

It looks like it’s related to PathAxis, it would be easier to have a sample layout to check.

Here is the demo I am working on. I don’t have any processes set, as I thought the product would just hit the stop and accumulate.

roll handling demo.vcmx (1004.7 KB)

Yes, it’s related to PathAxis, set PathAxis to Z-Positive would solve it.

Thanks very much for your help - that worked as expected.

I hope you have a nice weekend!

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I created a new project and have the same problem. So I came back here to find the fix, but this time it didn’t work - Z-Positive didn’t do the trick?

You could try other options, one of them will work. Or you could upload the layout, we could check what would be the setting.