Conveyor lift

is there a component that can be used as a lifting mechanism for the conveyor? i need to lift the pallet off the conveyor using a similar type of mechanism as shown in the picture. Once the pallet passes a sensor, the rods extend, lifting it a couple of centimeters above the conveyor. ive looked through the ecatalog but was unable to find a component that could do this sort of thing. did i look over it or is there another way of doing this? ive tried using the pusher process component to lift it up but it wouldnt let me put it vertically.

this is possible. You need to model your own component for this or modify the Inline Conveyor.
Place the CompContainer of the InlineConveyor into a new Link (linear joint) and add a servoController. Readjust the connections! Then add moveJoint Statements to your process. This isn’t a complete solutions but I hope this helps you to get an idea how to model this.