Conveyor delay

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I had hoped that i could do a simple configuration where the conveyor initially performing the transfer would wait untill the next conveyor had recieved it all the way…

The part transfers to the next conveyor when the origin point (usually at the middle) crosses to the other side.
You could either move the origin to the back side (not a good idea if the part needs to rotate).
A better idea would be to use the Capacity Control points from Conveyor Utilities.
capacity_control.vcmx (598.7 KB)

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Thanks a lot Este! With several extra conveyors in the line it is a bit tedious but it works :slight_smile:
Its a bit sad that it adds several extra frames because i had planned for adding mm/s (acceleration) onto the conveyor to resemble a “real life” conveyor scenario and the extra frames seem to make this impossible to do…Could possibly delete my Process Nodes, but i would still have two frames extra due to the need of having both the + and - capacity control component.

Solution.vcmx (8.9 MB)

Good job!

If your only target is to control how the parts flow between transport nodes.
You can adjust source/destination of transport in/out to use To/From next process. This means that the processes are pulling products only when needed.

The Container transport mode works more like a push process, where the parts are always pushed forward on the conveyor.

I do not understand which method you are referring to, does VC contain an example in the eCatalog perhaps of what you mean?