Conveyor belt kinematics

Hello, I need your help, I have a conveyor belt like this and I need to move it in different positions ( like in the picture ). I know it can be done with a python script, I just can’t find any similar script that I can modify it with.
Thank you in advance for your help

0344024000500_02292548_skuska.vcmx (5.8 MB)

Hi @Andrej98,
to me this looks a lot like a linear actuator! (not conveyor belt).
Have a look at this course in the VC academy: Basics of Python Scripting | Visual Components Academy
If it actually is a conveyor belt, you can find a tutorial here: Model a Simple Conveyor | Visual Components Academy

Hi thank you for your reply. Yes it is a linear movement I just didn’t know what to call it best. I was advised to create a script to control the servo but I couldn’t find anything similar to do it. And then how do I know how to run it in the robot program.