Controlling an AGV using a Python Script

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I created a Simulation with an AGV moving pallets around (with Feeds and Needs).
To move the pallets with the AGV I used the Works library (I know I should have used Process Modelling).
In the next step I would like to send the AGV moving the pallets using a Python Script like you can do it with a robot → robot.pick and

Later I want to use the actual external Software which is handling the process instead of the Python Script (MyPythonScript).

The approach I thought of: I change the tasklists in the works processes dynamically during the runtime:
Let’s say I want to send a pallet from A to B: MyPythonScript adds a Pick task in the tasklist of Works Process ‘A’ and a Place task in ‘B’. Then the tasklists of the Works Processes are updated in the Works Process PythonScripts (script changes required). After picking and placing, I would delete the task lists and add tasks somewhere else for my next AGV job.

My alternative idea would be using a giant cartesian robot (instead of the AGV) using the pick and place methods of the robot in MyPythonScript .

I feel like there should be a better way to do this, but I can’t think of another approach. Do you have any better suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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