Control what path a component is dropped into


In my simulation im taking one component out of path with a robot and dropping it onto another component in the path. This causes the dropped component to not go back into the path i think, although it will follow the bottom component.

Later in the simulation when the components are stacked inside a container and we try to remove them to replace them with a box we are not able to remove all the components because half of them (all the ones who were grabbed by the robot and placed on top of another) are not inside the container, but in the world, i think?

How can we control to what path (or container in some cases) a robot drops a component into? And how does path and containers work on the z axis? If a component enters a path above or below the reference frames of said path, how much leeway do you have for said component to be “grabbed” by the path?
I was thinking that one solution was to fuse the two components together when they are stacked but i get stuck again because i cant figure out how to control what happens when the robot drops something it has grabbed. Is there a pythonscript somewhere on the robot which gives us control over this?

Lotsa questions… :smiley:

Hope i can get some clarifications! Thanks

Hello Nemo,

the whole magic of grasping and releasing of a robot component is located in its ActionScript. The only way to configure the releasing is to change the GravityDirection in the ActionConfiguration of the robot component. But it has no effect on the container that should be used for releasing.

The ActionScript uses a collision strategy to determine the component that is used for attaching and finding out which container should be used for the releasing part. So if you want to change the logic you have to extent the ActionScript by removing the whole content and adding the code snipped ‘ActionScript’. There you can find the method ‘Release’, that can be extented.

Another way is to control the robot directly by python using the module vcHelpers.Robot2 that is well documented. Here you find methods for grasping and releasing and you are able to control the target container.





Thanks for your insight, i will chase down these leads and see if we can get it to work a bit better for us.