Control of shuttle conveyor

Hello all,

I’m working on a setup for depalletizing, and with the current setup (see image below), a conveyor shuttle takes the loaded pallet and moves it to the central conveyor.
Now, what I want it to do is that the shuttle should then stop, an then the robot can do it’s depalletizing, and when the robot is finished, the shuttle should send it away along the central conveyor.
But it doesn’t seem like I can control the shuttle, i.e. stopping it when it reaches the central conveyor and then starting it again when the robot is done.
Does any of you know if I can implement such a control, and if so; how?

You mean something like this? It’s a really dirty hack of the shuttle etc…

[Shuttle - YouTube]
ShuttleProblem2.vcmx (1.7 MB)

Sorry for the late reply.
It’s exactly what I’m looking for. But I must admit that I’m using KUKA.sim for the simulation, and as such, I can’t use this implementation in my simulation, let alone run it.
That’s why I tried using cross conveyors instead, but the same problem applies here.
But given that I’m using KUKA.sim and not Visual Components, I’m not sure I’m asking at the right forum :sweat_smile:.