Continuous belt

Is there a way to have the path on a component connect to itself? i have a Continuous indexing belt that i want to snap parts onto and only start the conveyor with a signal coming from the conveyor motor. The geometry is a little weird to just replicate with multiple standard conveyors. I’d rather just edit the geometry of the belt to connect its start to its end if possible but I can’t quite get it without making two different separate components. Is this possible to do with one? Let me know if this is confusing. in a short simpler way of saying it is having a curved conveyor with a conveyor angle of 360 degrees that does a full rotation to it self and does not lose the part. Thanks!

You want to do something like this?
Layout - Go Around and Around.vcmx (109.6 KB)

Similar yes, but more like this geometry

I need to attached a few items and power this like a single conveyor

Before i was refering to the one to one connecitons somehow being connected on the same part if it was possible.

In your geometry, add as many frames as needed to one path, and then you can use another behavior like a proxy or dummy path to connect the output of main path to its input, or use a script that has event handlers for listening when part is leaving path to transfer it to input of path. connected one-to-one interfaces in same component… yes, but that is a wonky with the exception of having a recursion issue if you try to connect input and output of path to itself.

others might have better examples or contact support since what you want to do is fairly common thing to ask when working with conveyor belts.

I will try it with the frames and let you know thank you! I did not know the trick with the dummy path as the end to start connector.