Connectivity: Showing complete variable path for PLC


is there a way to show the complete path of a connected PLC variable in the Connectivity Addon?

I have a Siemens PLC connected, but have multiple DBs that have a LifeBit/Heartbeat variable.

In the connection I can only see a path for the VC Signal (e.g. “Press.LifeBit”) but for the PLC only the Heartbeat (variable name without path) is shown. This (sometimes) changes when there is no plc connected, then the complete server variable is shown (e.g. ns=3;s=“DB_103_ComFromPressLeft”.“Handshake”.“LifeBit”).

Is there a way to always show the complete server variable instead of only the variable name ( as in simulation variable)?

PLC connection status simulation variable server variable
not connected St103 Press.LifeBit ns=3;s=“DB_103_ComFromPressLeft”.“Handshake”.“LifeBit”
connected St103 Press.LifeBit LifeBit

Seems that you are using the OPC UA Connection specifically.

No, there is no such option. What the OPC UA plugin shows as “server variable” is the name of the OPC UA variable node that the server provides. In theory it could show the node id or some browse path (which is not unique), but those can be made of just numbers or other non human-readable values.

The ns=3;s=“DB_103_ComFromPressLeft”.“Handshake”.“LifeBit” in your example is string representation of the OPC UA node id, which for this particular server happens to be human readable, but could also be just e.g. ns=3;i=23424
That id is shown as placeholder before you have connected to the server and the proper node name is read from there.

As a workaround, you could rename the connected variable pairs themselves to convey the necessary information. Just double click in the structure column to edit the name of the pair.